Wednesday, January 6, 2010

irrlamb 0.1.0

After two years since the last version, irrlamb 0.1.0 has arrived. The game's graphics received a major overhaul. The GUI was completely redone and now looks consistent across resolutions. The physics were fixed and simulate the same no matter the framerate. Every source code file was cleaned up or refactored; internally it's almost a whole new game.

One of the problems with 0.0.5 was the difficulty. There were tutorial levels, but they ramped up pretty quickly. 0.1.0 has 12 new tutorial levels that hopefully will even out the learning curve. There are only 2 normal levels for now, but more will be added in future releases.

The audio was removed since i felt like it was mostly an afterthought. Once i get a good audio library and some legitimate sounds/music, i'll put it back in.

The old levels would be too much work to port over, so i decided to start fresh with a new art pipeline. All the levels were created with blender and export to irrlicht, thanks to irrb.

Here is the changelog:
- Completely updated the game's graphics
- Added 12 tutorial levels + 2 skate levels
- Added ability to set shadows, filtering, and AA in config file.
- Added cylinder objects
- Physics are now framerate independent
- Cleaned up level format
- Cleaned up Lua API
- Reduced replay file size
- Removed boost dependencies
- Updated irrlicht to 1.6
- Updated bullet to 2.75
- Added SQLite for level stats
- Fixed various bugs
- Removed audio, old levels, and grapple for now
- Refactored lots of code


  1. Cool, looks tons better!

    .... What happened to all those virtually impossible levels?

    I could use some more levels

    Thanks for your work.

  2. Thanks. The level format changed significantly so i would have to remake all the old levels.

    In 0.1.0, i wanted to start out with fresh levels to go with the new look of the game. I'll definitely reuse some of the old ideas in the newer levels though.